Live Performance of Sycamore Trees

 The band and I traveled to Brisbane, Australia, in March of 2015 to perform at the opening gala for the exhibition of David Lynch: Between Two Worlds at the QAGOMA(Queensland Australia Gallery of Modern Art). The exhibition was the largest showing of David’s films, art and music held to date. It was a tremendous honor to be asked to play for this remarkable event and an absolutely wonderful experience. This live video was taken from that evening’s performance with David watching from the balcony above. We flew to Australia for a single show. it took 36 hours there and 36 to get home. And it was worth it. The exhibition was phenomenal.

Link to article in here


Posing dramatically in front of the QAGOMA.


Article in Courier Mail ahead of the performance.


My wonderful band who performed with me. From left to right : Jon Sanchez(guitar), Jayson Altman(drums), and Christopher Smart(bass).



Featured image by Mark Cranitch


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