Strange Days For Strange Angels

Strange Days For Strange Angels

A view from just outside the Pearly Gates:

The stone walls of the Chapel felt… well, strange to the touch. Like the constant brushing of angel wings against them had warmed them up to be desirable.

Desirable was the theme after all.

There was even talk of lowering the clouds from above to cushion the audience’s heads as listening to the dreamy vocals of Chrystabell underpinned by the sounds from the keys of Marc Collin would cause much levitation towards Heaven from the pews.

But wait! 

There was also mischief in the air.

For tonight Chrystabell was bringing alter-ego Pop persona Pixie Mitzi to the altar and that always causes the spirit realms to stir.

Creatures on the other side tend to gyrate and sway when Mitzi performs. (There’s a rumour that she was once a Siren that gave up the life of wrecking ships and sailor hearts for something a bit more Glam-Rock and diamond encrusted but that’s maybe just Mermaid murmurs)

In fact the last minute arrival of the Blonde LoveBombshell to the stage did no favours to the fool drowning in drool (mostly his own) who was tasked with holding the tripod that was holding the smartphone that was ready for hashtag instagramification. A metal crucifix held aloft hoping to capture some essence of the Interior Lulu and her babbling Brook in the background.

Stabilisation be damned! iDevices are not meant to capture wars in Heaven but I had a VIP pass, a devilish grin under my face mask and a big red button was calling me…

Please enjoy and may your Goddess go with you.


Michael O’Connor

Union Chapel

February 2022

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