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Interview Magazine Features Chrystabell

By December 11, 2018 One Comment

The article 'Out Of This World' features exquisite imagery by Ellinor Stigle and a lively interview with Haley Weiss.

Interview is an American magazine founded by artist Andy Warhol and British journalist John Wilcock.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

HALEY WEISS: The new music, which David is not involved in, what was it like to make process-wise? Are you sort of forming a new process?

CHRYSTA BELL: I’ve been writing music for the past 22 years, and then David came into my life about 18 years ago, and we developed our process. Every collaborator is different. Generally, my music starts in my car while I’m driving, when I can’t think about anything else and I’m clear and open. Plus I’m kind of a gypsy type, being in motion is very calming for me and creatively fecund. If I’m in a space where I’ve got an open road—I live in Oakland, California, and drive back-and-forth from L.A. to Oakland—I like to get into the car to think, to sort things out, and have creative opportunities.

But when I’m with collaborators, you’re looking for how the two of you connect, because it’s never a given. You’re looking for the people that make the sparks fly. You can’t force it.

The debut record, [This Train, produced and co-written by David Lynch,] this journey that happened in 2011, was the first time I actually put together a solo album, as just my name, into the world. I’d written quite a few before then, but the stars had never aligned for it to be the right moment [for a release].

There’s so much that goes into that, and there’s also this building of confidence and getting over the potential failure aspect. It really took me a bit to step into my personal empowerment where I was like, “Okay, I’m so proud of this, that it doesn’t matter what comes back. I feel confident in this offering of music, and I feel like someone will receive it beautifully, and I’m ready now.” That was a special thing.

It's (performing) terrifying and wondrous, and there's that fine line between transcendence and humiliation.Click To Tweet


I’ve been everyone’s frontperson, in all these different bands, and then you’re never shouldering all of the responsibility. But if it’s your solo record, that’s it, that’s you.

It was a bit of pressure because David doesn’t perform live, so I was representing our musical creation together, and he was of course giving support and encouragement, but he wasn’t on stage with me. I really wanted to present the material in a way that was very evocative of the record, because there’s all this conjuring that’s happening here and I want to be able to give that to a live audience, because that’s my happy place, on stage.

It’s terrifying and wondrous, and there’s that fine line between transcendence and humiliation. I don’t know what in my personality that appeals to so much. I’ve tried to introspect, and think, “Why would I do this to myself? Am I a masochist?” I love it, and I don’t know if that’ll always be the case, but when I’m recording, in my mind I’m thinking about how it’s going to play on stage, how do I get to embody this on stage. If a song is cooking in the studio, that’s great, but if I can imagine doing it on stage, that’s the next level to me.

… Some people love paintings, and some people love poetry, and of course I love all of that, but when a musician is so in control of her instrument, I’m in awe. That’s when I start to kind of evaporate into the universe. [laughs] That’s my portal. In my mind, if I could bring some semblance of that in my performance, that’s what I’m shooting for, because that’s where I get my highest levels of awareness.


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