I got really high on my 4/20 birthday this year.

Hello Friends!

In the middle of the We Dissolve 2018 tour, I  was very fortunate that my birthday, April 20th, landed on travel day from Chamonix,  France, to Roma, Italy. This gave the band and I just enough time to explore the extraordinary natural beauty around us.

The Day Before…

On April 19th we played an epic festival show at Musilac Mont-Blanc for 5000 people(opening for OMD) with the backdrop of stunning, gleaming snow-capped alps.

During soundcheck checking out the view from the stage.


You know it’s serious when the drum riser is so high.


Killer spot to have a music festival. And the weather was divine.


Friday, April 20th…

To my delight, the promoter of the show arranged for us to go up into the alps the morning of my birthday before heading to the Geneva Airport so that we could have a very special view of Mont Blanc. A bit of info about Mont Blanc: it’s is the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest in Europe west of Russia’s Caucasus peaks. It rises 4,808.7 m (15,777 ft) above sea level and is ranked 11th in the world in topographic prominence! (Thank you wiki)

It was going to be tight trip time-wise, as our flight to Rome was mid day, but we could not miss this chance to see such a rare and spectacular view. So we woke up early and headed to the base of the lift with our Aiguille du Midi cable car tickets that would take us in a series of lifts up to 3,777m, with laid-out terraces that offer a 360° view of all the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Yet another lift from there would get us to the summit terrace at 3,842m, where had a *perfect view of Mont Blanc.


Nervously excited waiting for the first lift.
Inside the lift Chris is calm. I’m a little nervous but happy. We’re going up and up and up…

The first lift stopped at Plan De L’Aiguille, Altitude 2,317m. And that was already pretty high!

But then there was another lift that would take us higher…
so that we could take mind blowing pictures like this!


and this…
You usually only see this kind of view from an airplane.
Pretty impressive that these terraces were built all the way up here!
I mean…
By this time the altitude is getting to us and we are a bit fuzzy and giddy and our legs feel really heavy as we are walking up the stairs of the terrace.
See that trail on the right edge of the picture – those are people! People who are going to ski down that mountain. Now, I think that is insane, but good for them!
Mont Blanc


And after taking in that view, there is one more level of height we can still go…

Step into the void

Do you dare take a “STEP INTO THE VOID”, onto a 2.50 m glass cage out over a 1000 m precipice?

Why yes, yes we do dare.

Not going to lie…it was a bit scary stepping into the glass box…


This is a very happy very high birthday girl.


I will never forget this adventure that I was so fortunate to have to celebrate my birthday! I mean, what could possibly top Mont Blanc? 😉


Love from your Texas Siren,

10 thoughts on “I got really high on my 4/20 birthday this year.”

  1. Delphine Barbillon

    Thank you so much for sharing this unforgettable high moment in your life.
    I went there too a few years ago…the sensation of have reached summits is undescriptible! Quite the western european top of the world!
    So happy for you my dear CB!
    You have reached your Everest then!

    1. Thank you Dear Delphine. So we have both been to those snow capped tip tops! How fortunate and blessed we are. Big smiles to you always, Delphine. Thank you for guest starring in my last newsletter xoxox !

    1. Thank you, Sophiah! Athens was truly amazing. I only wish I had more time there. Hopefully next time I will be able to visit for longer. And I hope to get to L.A. where you are again soon too. Ciao Bella! xCBx

  2. What a fun, exciting and beautiful experience to have on your birthday! Thank you for sharing! I’ve always wanted to travel there (seeing and reading about your experience has now placed a fire under my feet to go there)! Happy Birthday Chrysta!

  3. Amazing trip Chrysta!
    I am happy I had the chance to see you again in Mestre last month.
    Now recharge the batteries and come back soon! Maybe in Bologna!

  4. alexferretti11

    Dear Chrysta, such a wonderful place, what a wonderful lady. Though, I would not dare to step into the glass box, no matter how resistant it is, that´s a big no for me. 🙂

    Greetings from Montevideo, Uruguay.

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