Interview for Top Of The Standard – High Line

I’m sure you have been asked this more times than you can remember, but please humor us: How did your relationship with David Lynch start and he ended up producing your album and writing the songs with you?

I met David through a wonderful talent agent at CAA named Brian Loucks. After meeting me and hearing me sing, Brian had the intuition that David and I would get along and work well together musically so he set up a meeting with David at his recording studio in Hollywood Hills. Brian’s intuition was spot on (he’s actually pretty famous in the industry for connecting artists as potential collaborators who otherwise have never met), David and I had beautiful musical chemistry – we wrote our first song together the day we met.

“Somewhere In The Nowhere is cosmic, apocalyptic, hopeful, dreamy, sexy pop style. – Chrystabell

Tell us a little bit about your new EP Somewhere in the Nowhere that you collaborated on with David. Are there any highlight tracks that you can’t wait for audiences to hear?

I think the title track is really strong. It’s cosmic/apocalyptic/hopeful/dream time/sexy pop style.

Your music video for Night Ride is well, so sexy. Can you reveal a little bit about its inception and the message behind it? 

The video was 100% conceptualized and styled by the director Joseph Skorman, who also stars in it and happens to be my fiancé. That chemistry is nonfiction, but I don’t actually consume zombie blood on a regular basis. I was curious to play a darker character. Usually I’m in more ethereal worlds, this took me to a different realm.

It seems that you’ve been incredibly busy. A little birdie old me that you have another highly-anticipated project- an album produced by John Parish of PJ Harvey fame

and you are going to be in Twin Peaks next year. Can you let us in on what it was like working Parish and when is TW happening? When is the album coming out?

The new record produced by John Parish is coming out in early 2017. Working with him was truly a joy and a dream come true. He is such a fine musician and talented producer. Finding someone to follow David as my producer was not easy for a number of reasons. Annie O introduced me to John Parish and we had a great connection, next thing I know he’s signed on to produce the record. We recorded in Bristol earlier this year and the record has some killer guest artists like Adrian Utley of Portishead and Geoff Downes from Yes and Asia. I feel very fortunate.

And Twin Peaks next year as well. Second quarter is what Showtime is predicting. It’s going to be a serious 2017.

Are there any specific go-to tracks you have on repeat right now?

Adanowsky – Amor sin fin


You currently reside in San Francisco. When you visit New York, what’s your favorite thing to go do, take in or eat in the city? Do you have any travel rituals? 

I love to connect with the artists I know and create something in the time that we have. This trip I will be connecting with Camilla Staerk to make content for an exhibition at Milk Gallery next year.

You’ve already collaborated (multiple times) with David Lynch which is many people’s dream. Is there any other artist with whom you would love to create art?

I would love to do a film with Wong Kar-wai


If Chrystabell had a super power what would it be?

One that I want or one that I have? One that I want: the power of being amazing at organizing things (I know how lame is that?) one that I have: fluffy scrambled eggs. I can make perfect scrambled eggs.

What can we expect from your performance at the Standard Highline?

Cosmic, dreamy, contemplative, sensual, apocalyptic.

What’s next after this show?

European tour for Somewhere in the Nowhere through Belgium, Italy, Romania and Lithuania and lots of dark chocolate.


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