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There’s so much to say about my working relationship with young and talented Elias Tahan. I can start with how he captures so many precious moments and if he hadn’t had been with me, with a camera and the ability, those moments would not be immortalized as they are today.

Elias is always in the right place at the right time, getting the shot. He’s attended almost every performance I’ve had in Los Angeles taking behind the scenes and show photos that I’m delighted to have. He’s also taken many of my favorite press photos and he shot a video for me for his series called TheFaces.tv that I adore using my Swing With Me song as a soundtrack. Red Diamond Members can see that sensual video [Here]

During the extremely special Music of David Lynch Concert at the Ace Theater in Los Angeles on April 1, 2015, Elias not only captured fantastic behind-the-scenes and backstage images [go to the Vault to see those] but also caught a super sweet and surprise encounter with David Lynch on video. When this moment happened, I had no idea Elias had caught it on film until after. Because Elias has such a lovely and calm energy, he’s never intrusive, he’s just holding space for a moment and capturing it with intention and professionalism. My Red Diamond members can see that super special and candid video [here]

I plan to share more and more posts with content that Elias and I have created together over the years. Stay tuned.

Elias is a joy to be around and I hope I’m lucky enough to work with him for many years into the future. You can visit Elias’ website and see the incredible images and videos he takes of other models and celebrities at EliasTahan.com

View more photographs by Elias in my Gallery [Click Here].

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