Valentino – Sensuality and Provocation: Betony Vernon and Chrystabell perform

Enter into the worlds of sexual anthropologist, designer and author Betony Vernon and singer Chrystabell for a special, seductive performance celebrating the launch of Maison Valentino’s Clubhouse.
Watch the show, originally premiered on @maisonvalentino Instagram Live June 30, 2021.
Presented inside Milan’s historic Piccolo Teatro Grassi.


Sensuality, especially when expressed openly and vulnerably, is provocative in
the deepest sense, as it brings forth the essence of existence.
The desire to be touched, inspired, held, and consensually enveloped is the foundation for creating life.
Consciously allowing and surrendering to this desire is aligning
with your own sparkling and endless resource for creative energy.

Let us celebrate and activate the countless exquisite ways to express our sensual desires
to ourselves and one another. Laugh, sing, dance – shimmer, saunter, kiss!
The stirring of this energy within each of us is the most natural and foundational element imaginable.
Allow your own provocative nature to be enlivened in the ways that inspire you,
and witness the beauty unfold in your internal and external environment!
Yours In Sensual Celebration,


Exclusive backstage images by Carlo William Rossi and Fabio Mureddu

1 thought on “Valentino – Sensuality and Provocation: Betony Vernon and Chrystabell perform”

  1. Delphine Barbillon

    I shall follow your enlightened path, High Priestess of sensuality, Red Queen of the sacred flame!
    Also…picture n°3.

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