Midnight Star – Lyrics + Video


Spaceman soaring to heaven don’t you leave us behind

Are we losing signal

Losing our minds

Spaceman where are you going up up away from here

You are just beginning

Our end is near

Are we angels

Shining brightly

Are we the forgotten left behind

Distance doesn’t exist here, we can’t see through the smoke

Starlight is a memory

Never let go

Water better than diamonds,

Laughter worth more than gold

My Brothers and my sisters

Don’t give up hope

Are we angels?

Shining brightly

Are we the forgotten left behind?

Everything you wanted

Everything you needed

Never going back again

Everyone is tired

Everyone is bleeding

No One knows how it will end

Space man

Where you going tonight

Are you coming down

Say Man

How did you get so high?

Are you Happy now?

Wish upon a Midnight Star

Worlds apart but never far

©2021 Love Conquered Records, LLC / Zibella Music(BMI)/ Slow Music(BMI)

From Midnight Star, track released November 19, 2021
Chrystabell (Lyricist), Christopher Smart (Lyricist), Christopher Smart (Producer), Matt Parmenter (Engineer), Matt Parmenter (Mixer), Christopher Smart (Performer), Greg Reierson (Engineer), Chrystabell Zuch (Composer), Christopher Smart (Composer)


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