Breathe Into Euphoria – Lyrics + Video

Don’t feel like its all on your shoulders 

Circumstance has made you a soldier

Heart of Stone but once so tender

Close your eyes try to

Remember Time,

By Design,

Is your Shrine

But not forever


Learn the ways of Love

Heaven opens up

Breathe into Euphoria

When shadows fall again

Dance into the storm

When the morning comes

In a dream we’ll slip away

Like feathers in the wind

Images through time in a folder

Memories to find when we’re older

Once a stranger,

Now a lover

Once a woman,

Now a mother

Happy days we play in the water

Fortune cards we lay on the altar

Winter fades in summer hazes

Nothing dies it only changes time


Resistance or Surrender

The lover vs the defender

I whisper silence into matter

Steps of light beyond the ladder


After Time,

Is Divine

Beyond forever


Break the Silver Cord

Close the 7th Door

Super Sense is shimmering

Timeless once again

We won’t disappear

They will find us here

Like a song we’ll carry on

Till the chorus ends

©2021 Love Conquered Records, LLC / Zibella Music(BMI)/ Slow Music(BMI)

From Midnight Star, track released November 19, 2021
Chrystabell (Lyricist), Christopher Smart (Lyricist), Christopher Smart (Producer), Matt Parmenter (Engineer), Matt Parmenter (Mixer), Christopher Smart (Performer), Greg Reierson (Engineer), Chrystabell Zuch (Composer), Christopher Smart (Composer)

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