Live Shots from “We Dissolve Tour” June 2017

My band and I had an excellent summer tour supporting my new record “We Dissolve” that went something like this :

  • Joe’s Pub NYC – Tuesday June 6 
  • Biografilm Park, Bologna, Italy – Friday June 9
  • The Borderline, London, UK – 
  • The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, UK – 
  • The Soho House, Berlin, Germany – Thursday June 22
  • Old Masters Opening Party @ 131, Berlin, Germany – FridayJune 30 
  • Triennale Teatro dell’Arte T R I P Festival, Milan, Italy – TuesdayJuly 12 
  • Festival Delle Colline, Carmignano, Italy – Wednesday July 13
  • Gent Jazz Festival, Gent, Belgium – 
Soundcheck at the fabulous stage in Carmignano for Festival delle Colline (Festival on the Hill)


I’m always curious to see how live shots come out at the various places we play.

We tend to book a pretty full spectrum of performance venues. Sometimes there are no great shots because the venue just isn’t really set up for it, as in the case of Joe’s Pub, The Soho House and the private party we played in Berlin. Other venues have everything going for them, as in the case of Borderline in London. It’s a small venue so the photographers can get right up on stage and the lights are strong with great colors.

Some venues are out of control fantastic and photogenic for different reasons, the clear example being the festival in Rocco di Carmignano, where we performed with a backdrop of the Tuscan Hills glittering with the city lights from Prato and Florence(shown above during the day). Every show is a unique experience, even if we have played the exact venue in the past. The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh felt like a whole new space to me. There have been renovations to the venue and we had a new line up in the band. There was also a healthy dose of Twin Peaks mania that had not been there before but was a lot of fun to be around.

Here is a selection of live shots I am fond of from the tour. A big thank you to all the photographers that took shots at the shows and posted online.

I love gathering my favorites together to share as it’s wonderful for me too to relive the beautiful moments that often fly by and really take in the scope of the tour through the images that were captured. 

My band :
Bass & vox  – Christopher Smart
Guitar & vox – Jon Sanchez
Drums & Electronics – Jayson Altman


Biografilm Park – Bologna


Photos by Kimberly Ross for Rolling Stone Italy.


Borderline – London


Ralf Erhardt – Borderline
Ralf Ehrhardt – Borderline
Ralf Ehrhardt – Borderline
Adrian Ferramosca – Borderline
Ralf Ehrhardt – Borderline
Adrian Ferramosca – Borderline



The Voodoo Rooms – Edinburgh


By Kenny Mathieson

Image by kwkfld2015


 Teatro dell’Arte – Milano


Starfooker – T R I P Festival at Teatro dell’Arte


 Festival Delle Colline – Carmignano


Image by Antonio Viscido.
by Consuelo Calitri





Image by Tatia Naboretti


Images by Daniela Nuvolone

Image by Michele Faliani

Images by Patricio Buralli 

Image by Michele Faliani

Image by Consuelo Calitri


Gent Jazz Festival – Gent


Image by Creeping Mac Kroki



Images by


Imageby (with my bestie Nenske in the wings!)                           Image of Jon Sanchez by Crepping Mac Kroki

Image by Bjorn Brysse
Image by Bjorn Brysse


Bruno Bollaert – Gent Jazz Festival performing Polish Poem
Image by


I hope you enjoyed these tour photos! I hope to see you at one of my upcoming gigs. You can always find my whereabouts

Love from your Texas Siren,



Featured Image by Michele Faliani

An Exclusive Look!

New York City, February 2017 – Tasha documented this great shoot (pictures and video!) as the incredible Ellinor Stigle photographed Chrystabell. Also, present, was an amazing stylist Karolina Brock, delightful makeup artist Jenny Kanavaros and excellent hair dresser Laura De Leon.

22 thoughts on “Live Shots from “We Dissolve Tour” June 2017”

  1. Dennis Gruenling

    Beautiful shots! Can’t wait to see you on the East Coast again…Joe’s Pub was amazing (as was the Twin Peaks Fest!)

  2. So much breadth and depth of emotion, from one image to the next. Looking forward to your return to California!

  3. Beautiful shots – looks like a wonderful tour. Love to see my talented cousin Chris playing and singing w you. Come to Missoula MT! : )

  4. Thanks foг your informative website. Where else could I am getting that kind of infо written in such ɑ perfect wаy?

    I love you.

  5. Hey Miss !! these pictures are soooo sublime and don’t the musical menfolk look handsome !!! you should do a show under aurora borealis can you imagine !!!! xxx

    1. Oh Andrew! We were all so fortunate to have you in the audience in London. Your love and positive energy permeated the whole tour. You are very special to me! I love your way. xCBx

  6. Delphine Barbillon

    So many breathtaking pics of you my dear Chrysta…an emotional planet wide trip that makes me feel so high!
    And i was a little part of it!

  7. Delphine Barbillon

    My dear Chrysta, you made a mistake about the day of the Gent gig, it was saturday the 15th of july!
    I am pretty sure of it! 😉

  8. Each time I check on this and see more seductive, sensual photos of you the more I go weak at the knees and my heart skips a beat ! I do not know how long it will keep beating until I hear you sing live again and you can mesmorise me into being your servant of songs and your seductive stage performance. When are you coming to Scotland again and tour dates ?
    Vinnie from Scotland.
    ????????? XXXXXXX

  9. cuando veo los pliegues de tus ropas, reniego de ser humano y no algún pedazo de tela o cuero cubriendo tu cuello, tus pies o tus manos. un tono serio que resalte tu sonrisa.

  10. Neil T. Moskowitz, M.D.

    Hi Chrysta! It was a pleasure meeting you at Syrie’s for Thanksgiving. I was so glad to have you meet my friends Shelton & Colleen Becton and it was fantastic to capture your singing with him on video. I hope to see you again somewhere and I’ll be happy to be your photographer (and your doctor too if you ever need one! lol!). Let me know when you return to NY for a performance. You are a wonderful singer (and a very special person!).

  11. Hi. Today, I discovered you as an actress in Twin Peaks. I first noticed your great beauty and then realized that you were a singer. I love your voice and your musical style. I am now one of your fans.

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