We Dissolve carries a lot of the same darkness and tension of Chrystabell’s music with David Lynch, but it’s set more in a pop genre. She ventures into some “goth soul” territory, which parallels nicely with her prevalent artistic motifs of the life/death/life cycle, the Great Unknown and Ultimate Transcendence. The lyrical matter is still pretty heavy and twisted, with obsession, dark passion and escapism touching virtually every track. Within the death ballads and murder ballads there is however a permeating sense of peace, a glimpse of sparkles in the void. 

Ultimately you have a record of rich and deep material here, something to sink your teeth into, expertly produced by Mercury Prize winning producer John Parish. While is considered pop music, fans of This Train will still feel connected to Chrystabell through We Dissolve, and likely many more will know of her as a result of it.

We Dissolve by Chrystabell
Produced by John Parish
Written by Chrystabell and Christopher Smart
Featuring: Geoff Downes, Adrian Utley and Stephen O’Malley
Recorded at Toybox Studios, Bristol, UK
Mastered at LOUD Mastering by John Dent
Art Direction and Package Design by Todd Gallopo at Meat and Potatoes
Photography by Joseph Skorman


Signed 12″ LP Vinyl
[Limited Edition]

Signed CD




Digital Download

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  • Musically, for me, David Lynch was always tied, apart from, obviously, Angelo Badalamenti, with John Zorn. This changed since TP Season 3 (The Return) and my discovery of Chrysta. An experience not unlike getting acquainted with the best of art and progressive rock in my time. I just made myself a Christmas present and wrote a review at Amazon to top it off. Magnificent music and songwriting. Beautiful and haunting voice. An achievement this album is, as, generally, your other music, Chrysta. Heaven is a masterpiece. Your work with David is simply stunning. You are a true gem in the ocean of musical mediocrity.

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