Fashion Spread and Interview in Desnudo Italia Magazine

Desnudo Italia is an Italian fashion magazine featuring exclusive fashion editorials in both print and digital

Here is an excerpt from the 2019 interview:

You were very young when you first started singing. Did you ever think you’d be where you are today?

I feel very fortunate that I always knew exactly what I wanted to do in life. There was never a question of my commitment to singing and performing, never a plan B! There was a time around age 18 I thought about pursuing acting full time, but around 2 weeks later I joined a band and never looked back. Music was always my Destiny. I honestly always felt like if I was making music for a living, I was winning at life and I was fulfilled, so I dedicated myself to it. Even through all the trials and tribulations, I have never really considered stopping. The highs are so enriching to my spirit that the challenging parts have helped me grow as a person.

How much do you think you owe to the experience of Twin Peaks? Was it your first time acting?

Every aspect of the experience of Twin Peaks: The Return — from David revealing to me that there “might be a role for me” in it during one of our recording sessions for Somewhere In the Nowhere in 2015 — to this very day as I muse in amazement that it all actually happened, has felt like the greatest unexpected gift. Not only did I learn so much about acting by working alongside powerhouses like Laura Dern and Miguel Ferrer, but I got to see David in a whole new element, and I enjoyed watching him “do his thing” immensely. It was seeing someone do precisely what they were born to do.  I care about David so much and seeing this made me really happy.

In my perception, Twin Peaks: The Return has such depth, fortitude and significance it was like it existed already in the Great Beyond, but the cast and crew were the stewards to bring it in to this plane of existence. I won’t try to downplay it, being asked to be a part of it felt like some otherworldly and Divine appointment that I was not at all sure I deserved, and the pressure I felt to make David not regret choosing me was no joke. But at the same time, I had David’s faith that I could do it, and that was even bigger than my fear. It was my first time acting in on a TV show or feature film anywhere close to that magnitude, but David did not see that for one moment as a hindrance. He got the idea that I was Tammy, and that was that.

What did it mean to you on an artistic, professional and spiritual level to meet the great David Lynch? 

When I first met David I knew of only a few films of his as I was till quite young. I became deeply affected as the years passed and our friendship grew stronger. I was moved by the genuineness and loveliness of his spirit. After every studio session we had together I felt as if I had not only accomplished creating great art, but I had connected to another person that I truly admired and respected in a way that enlivened my mind and spirit. David has a way about him that is undeniably comforting and sincerely inspiring to be around. He’s the real deal. A consummate artist living the “art life” and his dedication to his craft drips from his every pore. He also has this serenity about him that I believe is due to his decades of daily meditation.

I know you first met Carlo William Rossi in Italy, particularly in my city, Naples. Is it true that you feel a strong bond with it?

I feel a strong bond with both the city of Naples and Carlo himself. Sometimes good feelings are generated between artists even when very little time is spent physically with them. There’s just something already there, nurtured by an unknown thing, but palpable. The same is true for cities and when these feelings happen it’s very special. I felt immediate connection to Naples in this way. I met Carlo on the set of the music video for “All The Things” at Made in Cloister in Naples, which was a truly fantastic and inspiring place to film. Davide De Blasio, director of Fondazione Made in Cloister and dear friend, organized the production and I was introduced in that way to this marvelous city. “All The Things”, from my second album with David called Somewhere In The Nowhere, was perfectly suited for a music video at Made in Cloister, a place teeming with vibrance and decadence, full of secrets and a fertile environment for creating art.

Photographer and art director CARLO WILLIAM ROSSI and FABIO MUREDDU
Special thanks to MARINA CAPPELLINI 

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  1. Delphine Barbillon

    Every single picture is a wonder my dear, you are looking like and Italian Renaissance Princess, and the interview is fascinating…as always!
    Viva Italia!

  2. Daniel P. Wilkins

    David Lynch, might actually base a Rennaisance Character, on this Chrystabell. Someone who who was, or knew, the mona lisa? Or RPHAEL? oR mICHELANGELLO? Or. perhaps. a little known FEMALE artist?

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