We Dissolve Tour FALL 2017 – Live Show & Behind The Scenes (Part 2)

We Dissolve Tour Fall 2017


Thursday November 23 – Vienna, AT – Blue Bird Festival : Porgy and Bess Stage
Friday November 24 – Moss, NO – House of Foundation
Monday November 27 – Tallinn, EE – Vene Theater
Tuesday November 28 – Bologna, IT – Bravo Cafe
Wednesday  November 29 – Foligno, IT – Supersonic
Thursday November 30 – Belgrade, SRB – KC Grad

Thursday Nov 23 – Vienna, AT – Blue Bird Festival : Porgy and Bess Stage


Festival Poster

Chris’ hotel room in Vienna
My hotel room.
Thanksgiving Day in Vienna, the land of my ancestors. This is the gray and beautiful view from my hotel room.Our vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast/Pre show meal was lovely.Porgy and Bess stage in Vienna.Backstage warm up and chillJayson’s beautiful blue drumsGreat picture of Smarty Soundcheck at House of Foundation. We had a flight from Vienna to Oslo then a long drive to Moss before soundcheck. We were actually only in Moss while it was dark as it was sundown when we arrived and we left in the early hours before sunrise to go to the airport.They fed us well and had a great backstage at House of Foundation. We were all so tired from the day however none of us got pictures… Poster for our show in TallinnIt’s always fun to see the posters around town The very special Tallinn Portrait Gallery brought us in for the showThe elegant, ornate and stately Vene Theater in Tallinn.Such a gorgeous theater a we were well rested after 2 days off in Tallinn so we took lots of pictures Polaroid with fan after show. Who doesn’t love polaroid pics! Someone made a Tammy Preston doll and gave her to me! #HappyCB Poster for show in Foligno E-Flyer for Belgrade showE-flyer #2Oor promoter took wonderful care of us every moment of the adventure in BelgradeWe had the most amazing meal of the whole tour on the night of our last show. Lebonese cuisine. Divine.Soundcheck. I was all dressed up because I did some press interviews earlier in the day.Inside the KC Grad The outside of the venue in Belgrade

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