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We Dissolve Tour FALL 2017 – Live Show & Behind The Scenes (Part 1)

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We Dissolve Tour Fall 2017

Friday November 3 – NYC – Cafe Carlyle
Saturday November 4 – Philadelphia – PhilaMOCA
Saturday November 11 – Moscow, RU – House Of Architects
Sunday November 12 – St Petersburg, RU – A2
Thursday November 16 – Bucharest, RO – Control Club
Friday November 17 – Sofia, BG – Sofia Live Club
Saturday November 18 – Skopje, MK – Cinedays Film Festival, MKC
Sunday November 19 – Budapest, HU – Durer Kert
Tuesday November 21 – Prague, CZ – Lucerna Music Bar

(Continued in Part 2 of this article)
Thursday November 23 – Vienna, AT – Blue Bird Festival : Porgy and Bess Stage
Friday November 24 – Moss, NO – House of Foundation
Monday November 27, Tallinn, EE – Vene Theater
Tuesday November 28, Bologna, IT – Bravo Cafe
Wednesday November 29, Foligno, IT – Supersonic
Thursday November 30, Belgrade, SRB – KC Grad

Every Tour Has It’s Own Personality

It may seem like an odd thing to say, but tours are defined by certain impactful moments, or a series of them, and the various qualities of the moments tend to generate the impression the tour leaves. The overarching feelings of this tour were fulfillment and encouragement. After about 6 years of European tours with varying degrees of buzz and excitement associated with them, this one really felt like we had made progress throughout the entire tour. Every show was a full house.  The audiences were singing along with me. There was a permeating sensation of success and upward motion. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have traveled the world many times with my music, and I have felt momentum and buzz in ebbs and flows – and this tour was a leap in the direction of where I want to be and where I need to be to be able to continue touring and bringing this music to the world. And that was a very very good feeling.

Friday Nov 3 – NYC – Cafe Carlyle

The Cafe Carlyle is heralded as the New York bastion of classic cabaret entertainment and has been going strong since 1955. I jumped at the opportunity to perform at this legendary cabaret even though the circumstances would not permit me to bring my band that was going with me for the rest of the tour. Fortunately I had some of my favorite musicians join me for the occasion : Jennifer Fraser on bass, Jon Sanchez on guitar and Ryo Sasaki on trumpet. It’s a very small stage to share with a grand piano but we made it work. There is truly something about this spot in the Upper East Side of New York City. We had a ball and I created a set list specifically for this venue. It was an excellent start to the tour that garnered an great review:

“Chrystabell is the most rapturous embodiment of Lynch’s surrealism, guiding us beyond the physical world to an elevated state where fear and love are equally welcome and death is a journey you’re excited to take. Her show is the best thing I’ve seen at The Carlyle, transforming the space into the kind of haunt I never want to leave.” – Theater Pizzazz

I’ll take it!

Poster for Carlyle Show

Special guest trumpet player Ryo Sasaki did a beautiful job. This was our first time playing together. He and the band had only 2 rehearsals to learn a 70 minute show. Everyone rose to the occasion and then some. It really sounded great.

The gorgeous and talented Jennifer P. Fraser on bass and the always brilliant Jon Sanchez on guitar.

High impact entrance with red satin opera gloves and feather jacket custom created by Nima Shiraz. Dress by Dress The Population.


Saturday Nov 4 – Philadelphia – PhilaMOCA

Poster for the Eraserhood Forever event at PhilaMOCA.

The PhilaMOCA was once a mortuary. The place had a killer vibe.

Soundcheck at the PhilaMOCA.

Up in flames

Image by Keren Fedida

#GottaLight ? We love it dark and moody onstage. Live shot by Joseph Skorman. Dress by Dress the Population. My mom thought it was too short. I told her it was her fault for giving me long legs. She was not amused.

Saturday Nov 11 – Moscow, RU – Central House Of The Architect

Show e-flyer for Moscow performance.

Cole, Jayson and Chris connect with the authentic culture of Russia…it only cost them 20 Euros…

These Texas folks are all bundled up for November in Moscow

Soundcheck at Central House of the Architect. The room where we performed was not usually a music venue but a stage and sound system were erected for the show.

Great shot of Jayson at soundcheck. The drummer rarely gets the spotlight but is responsible for holding the show together. Jayson does an amazing job every time.

Calm before the storm. We had a packed house that night. Bodies pressed up against the stage

I soundcheck with my show shoes so my microphone is the right height when I get on stage. I learned that one the hard way.

Playing guitar on stage with the band, even if it’s just one chord(and it usually is), is one of the biggest thrills of my life. And you can see it on my face. Moscow performance shot.

Image by @alexxque

Sunday Nov 12 – St Petersburg, RU – Clubzal

Poster for show in St Petersburg

Most welcoming hotel room ever

Backstage at Clubzal with our hosts and promoter


On our first day off in St Petersburg we were taken to an exhibit on Russian director and visionary Adrei Tarkovsky.

#HappyCB #SculptingInTime

On our second day off we were taken to the Hermitage Winter Palace!


This painting and this pose remind me of my beautiful Grandmother Eunice. The was an artist and a work of fine art herself.

St Petersburg is one of, if not the most, beautiful cities I have ever been to. There is glorious art and remarkable architecture everywhere you look!


Someone made me Twin Peaks cookies! Thank you @feltstation for these cookies and the handmade blue rose.

tastes mysterious

Thursday Nov 16 – Bucharest, RO – Control Club

E-Flyer for show in Bucharest

Soundcheck at the Control Club. This is our second time to play this venue and we love love it

Friday Nov 17 – Sofia, BG – Sofia Live Club

Sat Nov 18 – Skopje, MK – Cinedays Film Festival, MKC

Outside of the Culture Center building where we performed in Skopje.


Inside the building. The stairs lead up to the room where we performed.

I can’t find many pictures from this show but here’s one from bobrock99

image by @amplidajno

Sunday Nov 19 – Budapest, HU – Durer Kert


E-Flyer for Budapest

It was a very long drive from Skopje that day and we barely made it in time for soundcheck. Luckily our great tour manager Andrey made sure we arrived safe and sound.

Post show after glow & cool down

Review of the show at Durer Kert : http://www.nowmagazin.hu/?p=37050

Tuesday Nov 21 – Prague, CZ – Lucerna Music Bar

The gorgeous round stage at Lucerna Music Bar

My Beloved Czech friend Bara came to do my hair and make up for the show! Bara and I met in 2012 in San Francisco when I hired her to do hair and make up for a music video and have been close to her ever since. I love her!

Image by Rashid Belt

Image by Rashid Belt

Image by Rashid Belt


End of Part 1
To see Part 2 of the images from tour CLICK HERE.


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