Somewhere In The Nowhere (Official Video)

  No hipster staring at the long darkness could musically stop the longing For that mouth of love and the sweetness of the fruit of it Flying past the eyes of tormented men who climb the steps of bars And lounges in the early morning past school crossing guards And birds pulling insects from the sky And fish swimming through reflections of the moon and Venus floating together In the heavens beyond clouds and rain and reverberations Of thunder within the walls of dark rooms Somewhere in the Nowhere I saw you reaching out Through the Stars Falling Dark river flowing Nowhere I was nowhere without you Where screams of fights and crying come out windows through the streets where the girls walk and pose so that they can be seen and wanted as others slept with dreams of flesh and hands probing through windows of views of falling to formation like cities filled with places where people ate alone at tables in the back near the restrooms pouring out the stench of rage and sorrow from those who walk this earth unaware that heaven is in the fixing of the mistake Like clowns leaping skyward on thoughts which spring to the illusion of happy crowds applauding and standing with arms raised high to wires carrying those who dare to fall into unknown worlds where no rules apply and people cut their wrists and watch as red streams arc up into the realization that the show is over  

Starring Chrystabell, Camilla Staerk & Helena Christensen

Part of a film series for “In My Dream Last Night…” An exhibit by Stærk&Christensen at The National Arts Club, New York City Directed by Camilla Stærk, Helena Christensen & Chrystabell Director of Photography – Christian Larsen 2nd Unit – Dane Browne & Alex Verron at Milk Digital Gaffer – Hector Perez Costume Design – Stærk&Christensen Editing –  Drew Taylor & Keaton Manning at Velem Post Production – Velem & Christian Larsen From the EP Somewhere In The Nowhere Writers : David Lynch, Dean Hurley, Chrystabell Produced by David Lynch © All rights reserved Link to buy or stream Somewhere In The Nowhere Desire Designer –

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