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Polish Poem – Lyrics

By September 17, 2011 June 3rd, 2017 3 Comments

Polish Poem


I sing this poem to you

On the other side I see

Shining waves glowing

It’s far away, far away from me,

I can see it there

I can see it there

The wind blows outside

And I have no breath

I breathe again and know I’ll have to live

To forget my world is ending I’ll have to live


I hear my heart beat fluttering in pain missing something

Tears are coming to my eyes

I cry

I cry

I cannot feel the warmth of the sun

I cannot hear the laughter

Choking with every thought


I see the faces

My hands are tied as I wish

But no one comes

No one comes

Where are you?

Where are you?


What will make me want live

What will make me want to love


Tell me tell me


I sing this poem to you

To you

Is this this mystery unfolding

As a wing floating


Something is coming true

The dream of an innocent child

Something is happening

Something is happening

Polish Poem  from the album ‘This Train’
Written by David Lynch & Chrysta Bell
Produced by David Lynch
Released September 29th, 2011

Image by David Lynch


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  • Delphine Barbillon says:

    Polish Poem is a very moving song…some verses make me think about how down we are when we face depression.
    Love the hope that is growing at the end.
    It would have been so great to have your David Lynch footage video as extras on Inland Empire dvd or bluray!
    I would enjoy to know the story behind many many songs from This train:
    *Swing with me
    *Real love
    *Right down to you
    And quite every song from We dissolve!
    DB for CB

    • Night Gazelle says:

      Hi Delphine!
      Yes! I’d love to hear stories about those songs too. Actually, there is a story written already behind Right Down To You. When Chrysta Bell gets back from her tour, I’ll show her your message and maybe she’ll post it. 🙂 Thanks for visiting the vault.
      Tasha <3

      ps. remember to share with someone you think might be interested... thank you!

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