Night Ride – The Director’s Cut Starring Chrystabell (4K Anamorphic)


Out in the sticks, a young drifter goes wandering where he oughtn’t. When a mysterious car appears, he exhibits more lust than sense and steps right into the web of a demonic Black Widow Queen. She’ll leave him buried in the ground by day while she lives a normal life in the city. By night she returns to unearth him, to wake him from his eternal daze and toss him into the backseat of a “ghost car” that car drives itself. The windows fog up and the lovers drift off into a smoky in-between place, where she takes on monstrously sensual new forms with which to devour him…

Director Joseph Skorman’s 12-minute narrative short expands upon the world of Chrystabell’s music video for the David Lynch-produced “Night Ride,” adding around eight minutes of brand new footage. 

See the complete story and interview with the director at :

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Night Ride Poster by Joseph Skorman

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