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Monday – Lyrics

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Empty faces

Stuck inside cubic spaces

Sitting in boardrooms

Working out ways to escape their boredom

Cause everybody dreams on Monday

Everybody dreams on Monday don’t they

Everybody dreams on Monday

After all

Staring out windows

Watching the clouds and the trees grow

Birds seem so happy

Maybe that clock is in need of a battery

Cause everybody dreams on Monday

Formulating plans for some day some day

Everybody dreams on Monday

After all

And they might say they’d give it all away 

If they could live like you and me 

And we would say they threw their lives away

Cause money never set them free  

You and me dear

A couple of birds in the tree here 

We’ve yet to see

The money make up for all their troubles

Cause everybody dreams on Monday

Finalizing schemes for one day some day

Everybody dreams on Monday

After all

everybody dreams on Monday 

cause everybody’s free on Sunday aren’t they 

so everybody dreams on Monday 

After all 

They’ll never know 

They’ll never learn 

They’ll never see

From the album We Dissolve

Produced by John Parish

Written by Chrysta Bell and Christopher Smart
Published by Zibella Music(BMI)/Slow Music(BMI)
Chrysta Bell : vocals
Christopher Smart : bass, guitar, piano
John Parish : drums, percussion, Variophone, Hammond organ, acoustic guitar
Clare Mactaggart : violin
Produced and Mixed by John Parish
Engineering  by Ali Chant and Stef Hambrook

© Meta Hari Records

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