Chrystabell – The Dreamer and The Dream – Lost Interview

The Dreamer and the The Dream, A Lost Interview

This is an interview from around 2012. Interviewer and publication unknown.

Q: Friendship runs on the “train” of music. When and how did your streets intersect?

Chrystabell: David and I met through a talent agent in Hollywood. This agent happened to know David well and upon meeting me, had the intuition that David and I would work well together musically. The agent made the introduction between me and David thankfully, he was right! David and I wrote a song together the day that we met.

Q: Before you David had other musical muses, like Julee Cruise and Rebekah De Rio in ” Mullholland Drive ”  are there others? How do you feel to be among them?

Chrystabell: I love David’s music and all of his former collaborators. One of my very favorite records of his in collaboration with another female musician is the lesser known Lux Vivens with the incredibly mysterious, talented and beautiful Jocelyn Montgomery. I love being associated with these other powerful female voices. I think it’s such a wonderful thing that David strives to celebrate and support the female musicians he is inspired by. And I love that we are each very different types of women.

Q: The biggest value and the biggest drawback of David ?

Chrystabell: There are countless positive byproducts of knowing and working with David. One that comes to mind is the influence of witnessing true commitment of a consummate artist-in-action. Everything in David’s life is catered to the facilitation of creating art at the will of his inspiration, whatever it may be that day. Anything from painting, photography, furniture design or music. He has a space in his home to support his creativity for all these different mediums. The drawback is that he is so magnanimous that when I do go for long periods without seeing him I miss him.

Q: Do you remember a specific time when you found out that you were sympathetic to Lynch ?

Chrystabell: I have always resonated with David’s artistic sensibilities, from the opening theme to Twin Peaks to the moody at times gruesome lithographs. I have an effortless affinity for his artistic style.

Q: David calls you ” a dream come true .” Who is he ?

Chrystabell: The Dreamer.

Q: If you were not Chrystabell who you wanted to be?

Chrystabell: Mata Hari.

Q: The highest point of the disc is perhaps the last track, “The Truth Is” , which sounds almost reminiscent of the early Eurythmics. What is your next project?

Chrystabell: There is definitely influence from The Eurythmics in both ‘The Truth is’ off This Train and the new material we are writing for the next record. My band and I are also influenced by artists like Suicide, Barry Adamson, David Sylvian, Nina Simone, Portishead and Amy Winehouse. We are very excited to present the sounds that are being conceived.

Q: What do you love about Italy?

Chrystabell: I resonate deeply with the Italian penchant for luxurious living. The coffee is darker, the wine is deeper, the women have more curves. These things I love and appreciate love so much.

Q: Have you ever thought of entering a cast of Lynch as actress instead of maker of sound?

Chrystabell: If he asked I would accept. I don’t know that that will ever happen. But a girl can dream.

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