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Carlo William Rossi


Carlo is a marvelous photographer based in Naples, Italy, who I first met on the set of the music video for All The Things.  Carlo has taken some of my most mysterious and artful press photos. We have a very nice connection and I always enjoy sharing time with him.

He shot photographs for my campaign for Tramontano Bags in the decadent Renaissance era architectural marvel, Made In Cloister. He also shot publicity photos for my 2017 summer European tour which was an impromptu shoot that lasted 25 minutes.  I had no hair or makeup assistance and wore only the tour clothes I had in my suitcase. Even so, Carlo was able to capture truly beautiful imagery that represented the new record We Dissolve.

His photographs look like paintings and his colors are sublime. The mystical quality he captures is something that I greatly appreciate. Carlo is a photographic artist and I love the visuals we create together.

I hope to work with him every time I return to Naples. And I hope to return to Naples often…

Grazie Mille Carlo!


View more photographs by Carlo in my Gallery [Click Here].

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