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Blow boy blow with that mouth

Come Boy come on down south

I’ll take you all the places that I really like to go

Tell you all the secrets that you really ought to know

You can drive my car just like

The way you did that very first time

We snuck into the springs in the middle of the night

and went skinny dipping ‘neath the pale moonlight (that was nice)

The birds started singing cause the sun was coming up

And I remember thinking that I couldn’t get enough of your skin, that’s when

We got into the car and drove back home

So hard to say goodbye but I knew you had to go and

Since then

I’ve been wishing (wishing for you)

Now you’re far away and it’s like a dream when I’m awake you’re inside

Every little thing I’m doing, every face I see – I don’t know how you do it

But you’re doing it to me

My hearts all aflutter, my body starts to swoon

There’s never been another who got so deep so soon

You get the prize you fit just right

So tell me that you’re coming, don’t keep me in suspense

You got my engine running but I’m headed for a cliff

You gotta save me, baby

Why don’t you blow

Blow from the album Bitter Pills and Delicacies
Written by Chrystabell

Image by Todd Wolfson

1 thought on “Blow – Lyrics”

  1. Delphine Barbillon

    Couldt it be a prelude to Night Drive?
    It could be.
    Thanks for sharing it my dear Chrysta.

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