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Back Seat – Lyrics

By October 7, 2016 June 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Back Seat


It’s a beautiful night, isn’t is baby

I’d like to get you in the backseat of this car

You’re too dangerous to get in the backseat with

Why, I’d just hold you tell you how pretty you are

I wouldn’t want to get into the backseat

I’d be too afraid

Tell you how your eyes flash with light

How your lips are so full

You would?

How your curves thrill me

How you smell so good


I’d just hold you, look into those eyes, tell you how special you are

How I see the stars twinkle in your smile, how beautiful you are


Tell me

I’m crazy for you, you know that?

Now kiss me. Deep, and hold your arms around me

I’m yours

Mm baby

I’m yours


Watch The Official ‘Back Seat” Music Video on my Vault [Click Here].


Back Seat is the fourth track on the EP Somewhere In The Nowhere
by Chrysta Bell, David Lynch and Dean Hurley
Released on October 7, 2016