Inga Norke interviews Chrystabell

Loftas is a performing arts venue in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Inga Norke: What does it mean being a “muse”? Does this image oblige you in any way to behave differently?

Chrystabell: I don’t know exactly what it means to be a muse, it’s such an ethereal and abstract concept. I would think that when I am personally inspired, enlived and excitable I could most readily ignite those qualities in others too. 

Inga Norke: Your agent organized meeting with David Lynch – what do you remember best from meeting him for the first time (looks, words etc.)?

Chrystabell: David greeted me for the first time at the front door of one of his homes situated high in the Hollywood Hills. He stood before me in a white button down shirt half tucked out of his paint- splattered khaki pants. There was a lit cigarette hanging out of his smiling mouth. His hair was its classic shock of silver with remarkable thickness and height.

The moment he saw me he opened his arms for a big hug. I was overcome by his warmth and overall very easygoing nature.

Inga Norke: We can’t find your video “Swing with me” on YouTube – do you know what has happened? Why? The video and song are really nice though.

Chrystabell: The journey of an artist is fraught with twists and turns. High drama, even when unwelcome, seems to be a part of the package. I made that video with someone who no longer wishes to let it be seen. He feels justified in this decision and has control over whether it is public. We all make choices in our lives and we are hoping we are making the best choices. Sometimes time shows us we were perhaps not making our best most thoughtful choices when we hoped that we were. Could I be more vague? Probably not but suffice to say, I wish the video were still available for you to enjoy, I love it and I’m proud of it, but that apparently is not up to me. I am nostalgic, but I have moved on.

Inga Norke: What are 3 most important things you always take on the road with you?

Chrystabell: I need at least one pair of sky high solid platform heels. People ask me how I perform in them and I ask how could I perform without them? I take a good book – even if I never actually get to read more than a few pages here and there, it makes me feel better to have a book with me. I bring dark chocolate. It helps me sleep, it wakes me up, it is the perfect snack for every occasion.


One of my very favorite pairs of tour shoes!

Inga Norke: You have traveled the world many times – do you remember your stay in Lithuania?

Chrystabell: I do indeed. The show in Lithuania was significant because it was the only time I have played in modern movie theater. The screen for the visuals towered above us and the projector in the theater showed the visuals in ultra high definition. It was such a thrill. Also, we were treated beautifully by the people who brought us to Vilnius and the crew who took care of us. I also remember that someone walked in on me accidentally when I was doing a change of clothes during the set. I think that person saw a lot of flesh! Hah! So hopefully that was a highlight for that person as well, I recall being rather amused.

Giant cinema screen in Vilnius theater. Wearing bespoke Mark Fast dress at a performance in London.
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