Chrystabell Interviewed by by Matteo Marino: The most popular Italian site on Lynch and Twin Peaks (without spoilers)! Ciao, Chrystabell! The first article of this site,, was about my first encounter with the work of David Lynch, the precise moment when I fell in love with his world. I invited readers to tell me about their moment. Now there is an amazing collection of stories and feelings. So, in first place I ask you: how did you meet for the first-time David Lynch, not the man but his work? How did you feel about it?

Chrystabell: My first encounter with David’s work was through the original airing of Twin Peaks, and though I was too young to catch the nuances and perceive the sophistication of the show, I was enthralled with the way the music and the imagery conspired to create a stirring inside of my little body. I was hooked from the first few measures of the music with the opening imagery of the show. It was an awakening of sorts to the power of what imagery and music can do beyond simply entertain. There is a very touching video with Angelo Badalamenti saying the way Laura’s Theme took life, working with Lynch on his side describing sensations Angelo translated into music. Every song has different origins, I guess, but could you tell us the way you work with Lynch? How your worlds collide?

Chrystabell: When we wrote our first song, our process was born and it has changed very little in the 16 years we have been creating together. David shares a track or a musical idea—it can be a new idea, or something he’s been sitting on for a while. If I relate with it and feel melodies coming as we listen together, we know it’s something we want to explore together. He goes downstairs to get some lyrics, poetry, writings of some kind. Sometimes he already has something lyrically in mind that he wants to experiment with on a specific track, and other occasions he starts writing lyrics on the spot. From there, I go to the vocal booth to start improvising melodies using the lyrics and doing my best to come up with verses and choruses that evoke the mood we are hoping to convey.


In Asymmetrical Studios with David and John Neff circa 2003. Lynch loves abstractions. Do you?

Chrystabell: I can certainly relate to the appeal of abstractions and the power when they are used artfully in storytelling. The Italian fans are very excited about your presence in the cast of the new Twin Peaks. When they saw you in the first behind-the-scenes trailer for Twin Peaks I received many “I fell in love with her.” messages by fans. I know you can’t tell us a word, but, speaking in the abstract, what can we expect?

Chrystabell: Thank you for sharing those positive messages! I am ecstatic to be a part of the show and I truly believe it’s is going to be a remarkable, historic and exceptional offering to the world of storytelling. I also believe it will have a significant and perhaps astounding effect on pop culture. Did you meet Julee Cruise? Or other singers on the set?

Chrystabell: I did not. I have had the pleasure to perform at events with Rebekah Del Rio and Sky Ferreira on other occasions. You can choose to be a male character and a female character of the original Twin Peaks. Who are you?

Chrystabell: Dale Cooper and Donna Hayward. Who are some musicians and performers inspired you?

Chrystabell: Marvin Gaye, Annie Lennox, Jeff Buckley, Otis Redding, Sade, Frank Ocean, Nina Simone, Prince, Astor Piazzolla, FKA Twigs, Rhye How important is it for you to sing live?

Chrystabell: It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do in the entire world.

In my happy place. Image from Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery 2013 by Kevin Winter.
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