Angel Star – Lyrics

Angel Star   The Dreamer who dreams10 trillion miles of darkremembering you as I fall through the nights through the days Angel Star, How far you areAngel Star, How far you are, From me I can’t see you, your eyesCan’t hear you – whisper my name Angel Star, How far you areAngel Star, How far …

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This Train – Lyrics

This Train   We ride this train Always leaving something As we always move along Move along through time All the headlight sees is darkness In the great unknown The great unknown Heroes ride the train of life Moving on in darkness Leaving that once known The horns blow out a warning Headed to the …

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Real Love – Lyrics

REAL LOVE   Driving through the night Flying fast to you Real Love Real Love The moon is flying with me The moon is crying with me Got to get to your house Call me home Flying with the moon Sirens Driving in the valley Sirens Flare Got to feel your Love Real Love Don’t …

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I Die – Lyrics

I Die   Near you Near you I die I die in I die In You I Die  is from the album ‘This Train’ Written by David Lynch, Chrystabell & Dean Hurley Produced by David Lynch Released September 29th, 2011 Image by David Lynch