Chrystabell returns to her home state of Texas to complete her most nuanced, emotional and personal release to date. “There’s something about the infinite skies of Texas that make me feel like anything is possible,” she muses. Her eponymous new 4- song EP, Chrystabell, is about being courted by a lover from the Great Beyond(Blue Rose), being compelled into deep and tumultuous waters of passionate relationships(Undertow and 52 Hz) and feeling overcome by the brutality and elation of it all(Everest).

The EP was produced by her long time musical collaborator, band mate and fellow Texas native Christopher Smart, with the exception of “Undertow”, produced by celebrated composer, producer and engineer, Alex Silva(Suede, Manic Street Preachers, Imogen Heap). Chrystabell retains the sensual and ethereal qualities of her 2 albums with David Lynch. It also continues on the trajectory of the elegant and artful pop of We Dissolve, her 2017 release produced by John Parish.

The EP was recorded in February of 2018 at Ice Cream Factory Studios in Austin, Texas, by engineer Matt Parmenter and mastered by grammy-award winning engineer, Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound.

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  • Michael O'Connor says:

    You’re a Wonderful Woman x EP – Ethereal & Precious. Epic & Provocative. The 52 Hz signal has been boosted, amplified and digitised to help us lonely whales find our soulmates. From the depths of the ocean floor to the mountain peaks, where we hope that we may be close enough for the Goddess above to wipe the tears of joy from our cheeks with a hand as soft as a petal – this EP has it all!

  • Samuel Derrera says:

    Yay!!!! Amazing music… a Goddess comes into her own.

  • Delphine Barbillon says:

    My dear Chrystabell,
    your voice has never been so beautiful and vibrating.
    This EP is an emotional roller coaster from the dephts of the seas to the highest mountains and an heart-rending call for love.
    I am in love.
    That new direction you have taken is amazing, stay on these roads where all will be connected.
    Thank you for bringing so much beauty and light in our lives!
    I am longing for hearing these sublime songs live!

  • Ralph Werner says:

    Dear Chrysta, hope you will release these amazing songs in the format music is to be heard 🙂

  • Jon Sheard says:

    Have to agree with all the comments above. Absolutely love 52 Hz and Blue Rose!!! Tremendous stuff. Can’t wait to hear them live in London!

  • Adrian says:

    The email directed me here to buy the EP, but I see no way of doing this here, help! how do I buy it?

  • John says:

    Hi. I Just ordered the EP and clicked to download the pdf first. When I tried to go back to download the wavs, it said my session expired and I have no way to get the files.

  • Julia Johnston says:

    Just saw your Show at Darkofo – I literally got goosebumps. Just beautiful; everything about it. The musicians, all of you are incredible.
    I’m 65 yo female. Wish I was in love♥️

  • Jerry M says:

    Hi Chrysta. I lost touch for awhile and was surprised to get your ‘vote’ email. Good of you to encourage voting. I was a big fan of 8 1/2 Souvenirs and hated to see the dissolution of the group. I hope you all fared well. Awhile after you went to California, I found a link and sent you a note telling you I loved the group, that you had a great voice, but how you used it was what made you special. Then I signed it “I loves ya baby”. And promptly forgot about it. But about 15 minutes later, ding, an email. From you, saying my note made your day. Loved it. If you were having a down day, I hope it provided a bit of sunshine. Anyway, I still loves ya baby, and I hope everything is going well for you. Back in Texas, eh? Ride em cowboy. Do you live there are just there for the album? Which sounds great, BTW. Whatever happened to ‘Frenchie’?

    Jerry in MN

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