Chrystabell Boris Ovini Photography

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  • Dear Chrysta,

    The energy in these images has me craving the next Full Moon! I will look at these images on the next Full Moon night…And, the images will help me connect to this thought: Time is a by-product of God’s Divine Providence–an uncreated energy. Time is a substance, a medium, an energy pathway, a frequency pathway. And, this is why Time is so foundational in the practice of magick…And the photos of you work as mirage portals into Time…

    Thank you,
    Skip McRobert

    • Dear Skip, Thank you for this poetic insight. I must say I agree with these thoughts regarding time. I have so many of my own musings over the subject. It’s such a gift and a wonder to even be able to ponder! This dream we inhabit is unspeakably dense and perfectly elusive. So blessed we are!

  • STORM'S says:

    Chrystabell, dear ! You are from an other World … No wonder, David choose You for Tween Peeks…

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