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  1. Dear Chrysta,

    The energy in these images has me craving the next Full Moon! I will look at these images on the next Full Moon night…And, the images will help me connect to this thought: Time is a by-product of God’s Divine Providence–an uncreated energy. Time is a substance, a medium, an energy pathway, a frequency pathway. And, this is why Time is so foundational in the practice of magick…And the photos of you work as mirage portals into Time…

    Thank you,
    Skip McRobert

    1. Dear Skip, Thank you for this poetic insight. I must say I agree with these thoughts regarding time. I have so many of my own musings over the subject. It’s such a gift and a wonder to even be able to ponder! This dream we inhabit is unspeakably dense and perfectly elusive. So blessed we are!

  2. Victor Farias

    I am not sure how to get a hold of you.. I have written a series of books that I think you and david would be perfect for yalls next series. The books are called SuperSpreader. It is about Covid. It is a psychological thriller of epic stature.
    During Covid I began to try and find a correlation of daily events, and increases in mental episodes. The data is difficult to coordinate and almost impossible to navigate. Mostly because most mental cases are rarely reported nor even hardly thought about. I suffer from PTSD, ADHD,BiPolar and a host of other mental challenges.. However I am extremely high functioning because my IQ is in the 140s well depending on what test. I was trying to find an effective way to present a formulated plan to our government officials and policy makers that the real pandemic is just beginning. I invented the term PTCD Post Traumatic Covid Disorder to explain my theories of what we as a nation, well hell as a world will now experience post covid. The Mental Side of all that has taken place will be a far worse scenario than the virus. I sent letters to local leaders, and to even the president trump whom was in office at the time.. Zero response.. So i flipped the Script.. I used some of the same data and inflection points, created a character whose psychiatric profile resembles my own and wrote a nonfiction novel.. In turn has turned into 4 books, and litterly 1000s of more pages.. SuperSpreader does a wonderful job in spot lighting mental illness and at the same time tackles many of the economic, social, political, and basic human rights struggles we are facing. The main character in a twist of fate is essentially responsible for the creation, spread and distribution of covid 19… The book takes real world examples and spins into a wide fast of conspiracy theories leading us to all sorts of different conclusions.. This is a global franchise type project. I am new to this arena and do not have any contacts.. I have not signed with an agent and well am just asking for a few minutes of you time to pitch you the idea.. I am from San Antonio, and remembered from back in your twin peaks day that you also were from San Antonio.. Plus i have seen from you recent work that a project like this, especially because of how thought provoking it has become would be right up you alley..

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