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  • Frank Oesemann says:

    Dear Chrysta
    I have seen your tapes and heart your voice…WOW it!s a mind flash! Your swinging feels familiar.Your Videotapes are so authentic,i can feel the holy Spektrum of emotions.At this moment i’m listening the song”falling” and i have tears in my eyes.There are so many impressions,at one moment you are so fragile like soft flowers and anotherone your are the untouchable domina !? Your are the butterfly and the black widow at the same time! It works! The mind and the body are absolutely in harmony,i think you didn’t need any rebirthings. It’s seductive…a perfect mind in a perfect body!But it seems a little bit unreal!!!Are you from planet earth (: I think men are not strong and tuff enough to staying in a longer relationship to you, on your side are only women! We will never meet! But would you stand in front of me,i would ask you for one hour to find out who you are! I wish you endless lucky days!!!!! Mindflow for the hole day Frank

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