[Signed Print] Somewhere In The Nowhere Cover Art by David Lynch


Chrysta Bell

Illustration & Photograph by David Lynch

  • Signed by Chrysta Bell
  • Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Glossy Pearlescent Finish
  • Metallic Paper with film/laminate layers for a striking metallic shine
  • See description for the story behind the photo


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“I love this cover shot for many reasons…”

David shot this cover during one of the final sessions of recording the EP  Somewhere In The Nowhere.  We were on a break while Dean was doing some tweaks on the music. Dean had the good foresight to set up the Hasselblad in the patio area outside the studio house where David and I often sit to smoke and chat. I hadn’t worn any make up to the studio that day because I wasn’t planning to shoot, but if the camera is out and David is in the mood, I am jumping in front of the camera.

We needed a shot for the cover of our new album and I knew David wouldn’t want anyone else to do it. This was the golden moment. I think David only took this one shot outside and we took a few more inside the studio, one of which ended up on the back cover of the LP. David added the clouds and suddenly I was somewhere in the nowhere.

I love this cover shot for many reasons, but the coolest part is that you can actually see David’s silver hair reflected in my pupils! You can see him in more detail in the Somewhere In The Nowhere portrait without the clouds. But in the cover art, if you look closely, it looks like there’s a speck of clouds in my eye, but that’s David’s hair.

Maybe his hair is made of clouds? That would explain a lot…

Chrysta Bell



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