Somewhere In The Nowhere Vinyl 12″ EP [Limited Edition] SIGNED


5 song studio EP by Chrystabell and David Lynch. Signed by Chrystabell.

Interested in a collector’s item for yourself or for investment purposes?
Purchase the Signed Version of Limited Edition[500] 12″ 45 RPM vinyl of Somewhere In The Nowhere with packaging by Grammy- nominated designer Todd Gallopo of design firm Meat and Potatoes. Original art work and photography by David Lynch.

Somewhere in the Nowhere is the 5 –song follow-up EP to Chrystabell’s critically acclaimed debut album This Train. Produced and co-written by Lynch, the avant pop sophomore release from the duo combines heavily affected moody guitars and classic Lynchian retro-tinged production with sensual melodies. Dark and airy musical soundscapes, occasionally punctuated by guitar stabs and car breaks screeching, conjure a dramatic atmosphere at times sinister(Beat the Beat), at times erotic(Night Ride) and has the power to seduce the listener into a fractured utopia located somewhere in the nowhere.

Album Credits :
Chrystabell and David Lynch : ‘Somewhere In The Nowhere’ Produced by David Lynch. Lyrics by David Lynch. Recorded at Asymmetrical Studio, Hollywood. Art Direction and Package Design by Todd Gallopo/Meat and Potatoes. Photography by David Lynch.


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