Memento Collection


Already have the music? Chrystabell invites you to dissolve into her personal momentos. Be enveloped in the essence of Chrystabell through a collection of memorabilia full of precious moments. If you wish to go deeper into the Chrystabell experience, just do it.

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Momento Collection


  • ‘Lisbon Portrait’ Photographic Print by Rui Aguiar (Signed & Dedicated) 8.5 x 11
  • Custom drawstring pouch with art print by Carlo William Rossi (Signed)
  • 3 Handwritten Set Lists from past 3 tours (Signed)
  • A piece of collectible tour memorabilia (from Chrystabell’s personal collection)
  • A Real Love Motel #7, 2nd Edition Vintage Style Key Fob
  • Chrystabell Meta-Mirror with a mirror on one side and the ‘Mirror’ image by Carlo William Rossi on the other
  • Red Diamond Lapel Pin
  • Black Widow Lapel Pin
  • Chrystabell’s Favorite Metallic Letter- Size Clutch (w/magnetic closure)
  • Square Vinyl Sticker created for 2012 This Train Tour with graphic design by David Lynch


  • Chrystabell #GOTTALIGHT Matchbooks (Set of 2) – Not sold anywhere online
  • Collection of Thirty (30) International tour posters from venues all over the world [Digital] 1999 – 2017


  • Somewhere In The Nowhere Journal booklet
  • Complimentary Red Diamond Membership

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