Gate 9 – Lyrics

I think it’s coming


Come closer

Don’t be scared

Got it



You can’t believe…

You can’t believe everything you hear


It doesn’t always make sense 

(Whispering) It’s like… It’s like a little flower

Can you see it?

Who’s there?

Is somebody there?

Why are you following me?

Hmm Hmm (Breath)


I think I hear something

Something over there

Is anybody there?

Never makes sense

Tell me

Think of me, alone

Don’t be scared

(Whispers) Think of me

It looks like a flower

Sometimes I see it in my dreams

Sometimes I see it out loud

(Whispering) It’s so like you

Are you there?

I think, I think I heard something


Wake me up


Somebody there?


Yeah I can hear you

(Whispering) I can hear that

(Whispering) Can’t believe

(Whispering) It’s alright

I can’t believe


I see it in my dreams

Do you see it?

Taken from the album Pole by Tuner (AKA Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter)

Produced by Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter with Fabio Trentini

Pat Mastelotto – Drums, percussion, treated baby grand piano, spoken word 
Markus Reuter – Touch guitars, acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass guitar, grand piano, keyboards, vocals
Chrystabell – Vocals

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