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Red Diamond

Red DiamondBehind The ScenesVideos
April 1, 2018

Behind The Scenes – Deluxe Box & We Dissolve Promo Videos

Hello To My Beloved Red Diamonds! I have another exclusive morsel to share with you that I hope you will make you happy. The promo videos for the The Deluxe…
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Red DiamondPersonal PostTwin Peaks
January 30, 2018

Unfairly Talented and 100% Deserving. My appreciation post for the Great Miguel Ferrer.

I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Miguel Ferrer on Twin Peaks: The Return For so many reasons. All of the impossibly wonderful things you hear about him are…
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Red DiamondPersonal Post
January 3, 2018

Artsy Hot – Photoshoot With Todd Wolfson (2006)

Todd and I are so comfortable taking photos together(after 20+ years of doing it) that sometimes we veer into unusual territory to keep our art fresh and ourselves entertained. Like…
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