Broken Cup – Lyrics

Broken Cup


You tear me down with your words till I’m raw

Till I can’t walk away, can’t even crawl

The currency of your kiss, the cost is this

and I pay it

You are a broken cup, one I still drink out of

I should throw you away

When we make love, when we make war

You tear down walls that weren’t there before

You hold me too tight I can’t breathe I can’t stay I won’t leave

Don’t say it

You are a broken cup, one I still drink out of

I should throw you away

But for the moment it’s good

Your love feels just like it should

I’d ask you to continue but I know that it’s not in you

to stay

that would be too kind, not your way

much too kind, not your way

Words and Music by Mela Lee

Image by Todd Wolfson

3 thoughts on “Broken Cup – Lyrics”

  1. Ryan Lohmeyer

    I was so happy to finally listen to this and all the songs on Bitter Pills & Delicacies. What a delightful blend of musical styles. Thanks again for making this available.

    1. Dear Ryan, I am so happy this music finally made it to your ears! I remember you had requested it awhile ago but you see I was devising a special plan of delivery all along! Do you have a favorite track? Thank you for the note. xCBx

      1. Ryan Lohmeyer

        Darling has gotten the most play time out of all the tracks so far. What a sweet song that stirs so many memories.

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